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Welcome to Hana!


The Hawaiian islands are the most remote chain of islands from any land mass on Earth and the Hana Coast is one of the most remote areas in Hawaii. Hana literally is one of the most remote places on Earth. 


Hana was one of the earliest Polynesian settlements in the Hawaiian Islands dating back to approximately 700 AD. It is steeped in rich history and has always been famed and coveted for its natural beauty, fertile soils, and strong mana (spirituality). Hana was once home to the ali’i, or chiefs of Hawaii, and is famous as the home of the great chief Pi’ilani and the birthplace of Ka’ahumanu, the premiere wife of King Kamehameha the Great who united all the Hawaiian Islands under one ruler. 


After Western contact, like so many rural Hawaiian areas, the Hana Coast was cultivated with sugar from the 1840’s to about 1945. Sugar brought new peoples to Hana from Europe, China, Japan and the Philippines whose descendants remain today.  In 1927 the famed “Road to Hana” was built which opened up Hana to the outside world. The road runs from Pa’ia town through Hana, a distance of about 40 miles. In 1930, Paul Fagan, a San Francisco financier, bought the Hana sugar lands and in 1945 converted them to pasture lands for what is now called the Hana Ranch. These pristine pasture lands still surround the town of Hana and vicinity. Though the road has been paved and improved, there are still 54 bridges to cross to reach one of the last unspoiled areas of Hawaii. 


Hana today remains a magical place, with pristine rainforests, endless tropical flowers and vast meadows tumbling down to the majestic Pacific Ocean. There are approximately 2000 residents on the “Hana Coast” – a 50 mile stretch from Ke’anae to Kaupo. Hana has one of the last remaining native Hawaiian communities and the “locals” still radiate the graciousness and aloha of the Hawaiian people. Time goes slower here; there is no stoplight, no pollution and no rush hour. People wave at each other on the road.


There are only two small grocery stores, one luxury hotel - the legendary Hotel Hana-Maui (Now called Travaasa Hotel Hana Maui), a handful of vacation rental properties, two restaurants, numerous roadside lunch stands and one gas station. There is no McDonalds, Starbucks or mall. Life is simple in Hana, the residents are uninterested in development, and the community likes it like that. As long time residents of Hana and Maui, we share these values, embrace the lifestyle of Hana and we incorporate this mindfulness in the service we offer our clients.